Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Data Breaches

    • What are Data Breaches & Why are they important

    • What is a data breach and statistics?

    • The Mandatory Data Breach Notification Scheme

  • 2

    Common Scams to Look Out For

    • Phishing Scams

    • Spearphishing

    • What Type of Scam Is This?

    • 3 Step Review Process

    • The 3 Step Process Quiz

  • 3


    • Notifiable Data Breach Scheme Flow

    • Consequences for failure to notify a data breach

    • Data Breach Quiz

    • Notifiable Data Breaches Flow Chart Summary

  • 4

    Other Scams To Look Out For

    • Overpayment scams

    • Fake directories and advertising

    • Domain name renewal scam

    • Payment redirection scams

    • Office supply scam

    • Malware & Ransomware

    • Investment schemes

  • 5

    General Security Best Practices

    • Passwords

    • Confidential Material

    • Clean Desk

    • Computer Installs

    • Malicious Attachments

    • Spyware

    • Social Engineering - friendship

    • Inappropriate emails

    • Shoulder Surfing

    • Password Handling

    • Key loggers

    • Chain Mail

    • Printouts

    • USB Key Drop

  • 6


    • Original Sources

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